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Carpet and Tile Cleaning Services

AmeriFirst Financial Inc

Zerorez Las Vegas

Ben McKee
Office: 702.567.0016
7540 S. Dean Martin #503, Las Vegas, NV 89139
Price Sheet

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zerorez services & pricing
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Service Regular Cost TR Realty Price Details
Carpet Cleaning $35/room $29/room Includes Pre-treatment, Cleaning, & Sanitizing
Fuel Charge $8/job Waived  
Hall/Bathroom/Walk In Closet $29/Area $19/area  
Stairs $75/case $50/case  
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Top Side Pet Treatment $35/room $21/room Additional treatment of affected room- for bio based smells/stains
Underside Pet Treatment $37.50 $25/spot Spot is cleaned from pad & carpet backing.  More aggressive than topside treatment- only needed on actual spots
Red Stain Removal $37.50 $25/spot Red stains can be removed via heat transfer-affected areas only
Carpet Restoration $35/room $21/room We utilize a counter rotating brush that aides in agitation, yet will not distort carpet fibers.  This will also aide in hair removal.
Tile Cleaning $1.00/ft. $.60/ft. Pre-treatment, agitation, cleaning & sanitizing.  
Grout Sealing $.5/ft. $.30/ft. Water based sealant applied to grout lines-which can prevent future staining
Stone Polishing $2.5/ft. $1.50/ft. We can rejuvenate a stone's shine.
Dryer Vent Cleaning $150 ea. $90 ea. We can remove lint build up utilizing vacuum and rotating brush
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Air Duct Cleaning $425 $349 We utilize a negative air system which reduces contamination to home.  We send a rotating brush through the entire length of air duct runs, plus clean register grates.
*10 registers & 1 cold air return