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Property Managers

Allan Lovinger

Phone: 702.743.3461     Fax: 702.832.5899

Originally from NYC I have been a Las Vegas resident since 1975 and have watched this city grow to the metropolis it has become today. Over the last 15 years I have owned and ...See More

Bush Johnson

Phone: 702.544.0989      Fax: 702.832.5899
I was born and raised in Northwest Indiana. I served 3 years 8 months in the U.S. NAVY and was discharged honorably in 1974. I went on to Purdue University and... See More

Yuan Liu

Phone: 702.630.2882     Fax: 702.832.5899
My name is Yuan Liu. I am a Property Manager with TR Realty. With over 7 years of real estate experience, I know what it takes to get the job done... See More

Aaron Batson

Phone: 702.420.0321     Fax: 702.832.5899
I am a 15 year Veteran of the United States Air Force and have served all over the world. I was a certified aircraft mechanic, a logistics planner, a federal law enforcement... See More

Eloy E. Diaz Yero

Phone: 702.701.2330     Fax: 702.832.5899
Hi! My name is Eloy E Diaz-Yero and in 1980, Las Vegas became my new home-town, and since then, I have seen this city grow with delight and enthusiasm. I have been... See More

Yvette Major

Phone: 702.334.7524    Fax: 702.832.5899

I specialize in commercial property management of retail, office and industrial properties, and have been managing commercial properties in the Las Vegas area for the past 16 years... See More

Kyle Simone-Dub

Phone: 702.815.5263    Fax: 702.832.5899
Kyle Simone served 6 years in the armed forces and worked in the private security sector before turning his dedication to real estate... See More

Anthony Parchment

Phone: 702.857.2593     Fax: 702.832.5899

I was born in Jamaica but have been a proud Las Vegas native since July 2010. As a husband of 10 years and a father of 6 (5 boys to be protectors of 1 girl) I value families and...See More