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Office Team

Bradford Roberts, Principal Broker

Phone: 702.727.4030 Fax: 702.832.5899


Bradford Roberts has been at the helm of TR Realty since its inception. As founder and Principal Broker… See More

Denise Martinez, Compliance Manager/T.C.


Denise Martinez, Compliance Manager / Transaction Coordinator, is experienced and skilled in all facets… See More

Johanna Relacion-Martinez

Johanna Relacion-Martinez, Personnel Coordinator


Johanna Relacion-Martinez, Personnel Coordinator, is quadri-lingual (Tagalog, Bisaya, Ilonggo and English)… See More

Jacqueline Hernandez

Jacqueline Hernandez, Reception Coordinator


Jacqueline Hernandez, Reception Coordinator, was born and raised in Las Vegas. Her duties include general… See More

Marisela Quintero

Marisela Quintero, Reception Coordinator


Marisela Quintero, Reception Coordinator, was born and raised in Las Vegas. Her tasks include general reception… See More

Mignon Bennett

Mignon Bennett, Accountant


Mignon Bennett, Accountant, has over 25 years of accounting experience. She has worked in both the public… See More

Maritess Garcia

Maritess Garcia, Accounting Assistant


Maritess Garcia, Accounting Assistant, is a motivated and creative individual with diversified experience… See More